After Thoughts on Dig #5...

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After Thoughts on Dig #5...
« on: March 22, 2008, 03:32:26 AM »
So Dig #5 was fabulous!  8) 8)

About a dozen people showed up to get down and dirty. We met at 7 and by 7:40 we were at the dig location at NW 3rd Ave & NW 25 Street in Wynwood, by 9ish we had created something beautiful.  The location is in a wholesale warehouse district; there's lots of shoe, accessory, and clothing businesses in the area.  After the dig, I was informed that the empty lot is used as a parking lot during the day for the workers in the area, let's hope they will appreciate the sprucing up we did!  :D

We cleared out the trash from the area and re-purposed an old bookshelf that was lying next to the dumpster, into a beautiful mod-style planter.  We planted agave, aloe, prickly pear, notocactus (round cactus), white and magenta impatiens, a coconut that had sprouted a leaf already, a firecracker plant (I'm pretty sure that's what it was), and a gorgeous live oak tree! The Tree-0-5 really stepped it up this dig!   ;D ;D

The location is huge and we want this dig to be the first of many in this spot.  We all have taken a lot of pride in this dig.  We even created an 'alter' out of an old side table. We stood it up against the wall and sprayed our logo on it!

The thing about Miami is that there's never been places (at least that I know of) throughout the city's history where gardens once were. In London or other places in Europe public gardens are quite the norm and there's plenty of locations where the land just needs to be turned up a bit. When we dig here, we usually hit concrete pretty quickly.  >:(  I'm thinking about building simple planters that we can bring to new locations and work with them, instead of digging numerous holes, trying to find the patch that isn't concrete filled.

Well I hope that this dig location will stay around for a while (this time we specifically planted spiky plants to deter people stealing them yet again), that it will be appreciated by the people in the area, and that everyone who participated in its creation felt really, really good about it and made some new friends too! I know I did!  :D :D :D

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