Dig #5: Before Pics...

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Dig #5: Before Pics...
« on: March 20, 2008, 04:27:06 PM »
So here's the location:

NW 25 ST & NW 3 AVE

We are meeting up at Rag*Trade at 7p to gather supplies and carpool over there (or bike!)

I think it would be cool to plant right in the center of this unused space! We make build a really cool garden!

Also, in one pic you'll see a trash can and next to it some old furniture, I think we can re-purpose this furniture and incorporate it into the garden!

 What do you all think?  See you tomorrow at 7p!

OH PS!: Let's try to bring spiky plants/ pointy plants (i.e. cacti, aloe, small palms, etc) In the past, we've had a problem with people stealing the plants right out the ground, so maybe spiky plants will deter them...  ;) ;) ;)

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