An Attack of Plaza de la Revolucion!

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An Attack of Plaza de la Revolucion!
« on: April 01, 2016, 05:26:17 PM »
Always up for a challenge, eh? One of the group heard about my exploits in Parque el Bosque and suggested going that little bit extra. How about doing a bit of guerrilla gardening in front of the famous/infamous guerrilla himself, Che Guevara.

Okay, we'll try that.

I bought the plant at at a little organoponica place on Neptuno in Central Havana, near Viejo Habana. Between five and ten blocks up.  Not far from Passeo de Marti approaching Padre Varela.

Anyway, we met up at the corner of Parque de la Fraternidad and got the P12 bus outbound. It took a few minutes, but our precious cargo got special treatment. A seat!

You can see the obelisk to Jose Marti from afar, so we got off at Avenida de la Independencia and walked over. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey.
There are several large organoponicas in this area similar to the one in Alamar, east of Havana that we visited. Organoponica Vivero Alamar.

Che's mural getting bigger and bigger as we approached.

With my implement of digging.

After doing a bit of a recce, we got jiggy with it and got stuck in.

An Attack of Plaza de la Revolucion!
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Yeah, baby!

There you are then. With the obligatory celebratory cigar!

Taking the photo above, with the obelisk of Jose Marti in the background.

Anyway, to sum up. Here's a video. It was a blast!