Watering fiddle leaf fig

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Watering fiddle leaf fig
« on: August 14, 2020, 07:55:42 PM »
Hi all!!

I open this new post because I have a question about how to carry out the cultivation of a fiddle leaf fig tree.

Since I saw one of these plants decorating an interior for the first time, I wanted to have one in my own home. I'm really not a very dedicated person to growing indoor plants, to be honest, I tend to leave them pretty forgotten.

That is why I always look for rustic plants, which get along with little attention. From what I have read on the Internet, the fiddle leaf fig is a plant that does not require great care. Just a few occasional waterings and little else.

It seemed like the perfect plant for my home. But after a couple of months, its leaves started to turn yellowish and eventually all of its leaves fell off. Personally, I think I may have fallen short with watering, and when I wanted to get it back, I ended up drowning it in a lot of water. :(

The regularity of watering that I did is only when the soil was completely dry. Approximately every 10 days. I was very short with the amount of water ???

Another possibility is that the soil where you transplant has been very poor. I started reading this article about fertilizing the fiddle leaf fig, but it is not clear to me. I really don't know if the problem could have come from that side.

What do you think about ??