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 ;D hey all I just got  a  trailer in Sebring Florida.  Now  here's the thing Sebring is a zone 10  I  garden in the boreal forest a zone 2...there are possibly slight differences in technique, and plant choices.
I want to plant an edible landscape/food not lawns garden with lots of herbs, both medicinal and culinary and grow absolutely nothing that I have up here in the great white north. 
Yes for a while I will be a snowbird, so I may even have to look at landshare or a woofer set up until I will be spending more time down there than a few weeks a year.  The husband who can retire before me will spend more time down there right away but yeah not the gardener.  He mows, he rakes...sometimes.  So this will have to be a really really low maintenance design, but I want to put the bones of it right away and I will start slowly so  as not to shock the neighbors too much. 

So I guess I am asking ??? what kinds of edible vines, shrubs, perennials , or dwarf trees that everyone would recommend leaning heavily to natives and heritage/heirloom.  Also before I order something stupid on line or in some hardware store garden center.  I have seen invasive species sold here in mine  for the garden but your weeds are tropical plants up here and cost me twenty bucks.   So before I cause the next zebra mussel, purple loosestrife, or what ever horrid thing can some one give me a heads up.  Is there any rules about rain barrel irrigation, or solar panels other than the normal.  Where I am right now I can have chickens, vegies in the front yard and town.

I  have never thought ever about a garden in the tropics.  I try to keep stuff from freezing in minus 40 and I  love the snow.  It covers up the weeds, it covers up so many many sins.  It also forces a person to sit down and stop .......and clean the house.  I like my winters it's the only time I have to take er easy as it were.   ;)
Here in Alberta I have just about a thousand square feet in garden/cultivation and will stop  at this for now.  I need to consolidate what I have done finish up the odds and sods and complete some projects that have gotten started and set aside for other priorities like planting, weeding harvesting etc. :-[ 
So any suggestions for the boreal gardener who loves to see hummingbirds visit my scarlet runner beans, I  even grow arctic kiwis and goji berries up here, so  what would you put into a blank slate in southern central Sebring Florida.
cheers from a slightly bemused
Bina :o
PS will vanilla orchid vines grow in Florida, what about cinnamon, or black pepper or lavender and rosemary.