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« on: August 06, 2007, 05:05:50 AM »
Greetings GG,

     The Tree-0-5 got together tonight for our second dig; actually it was a bombing!  We made seed bombs using some common wildflowers, soil and water. We placed them in some old plant containers and launched them over a fence in Wynwood (on NW 2nd Ave and 27th to be exact).

     This location had been scouted for a few reasons; 1) the fence around the whole thing 2) it was a pretty large space, one block wide by about a half a block in length 3) high street visibility 4) in the art gallery area, so every Second Saturdays a lot of people will be passing the area! 5) there was only some boring grass, no color!

     This time around we did not have has many people :-\ , but we probably planted the same amount as the first dig, just in the different way :D!  It was pretty quick and painless.

   We didn't have a flag, so we went back to the headquarters and picked up the spray paint!  Then we tagged a sign that was on the empty property and on the sidewalk! (That'll stay for a while too!)

Annnd, on our way back we stopped by the first dig location and  :o WOW, WOW, WOW :o ! It looks amazing! We were all very surprised by how well it had sustained and grown!  Some of the small plants have grown over a foot!  Lots of colors, lots of flowers, and lots of bugs! We created a little ecosystem where there was barren life before!  You can see in the pictures there's a centipede and two roaches~yah! 

Here's some of the pics:
This is the making of seed bombs/ Soil, water, gloves, seeds, empty plant pots...

At the second dig location...

~~Sorry but I don't have any 'action shots' of us throwing the bombs, those will be coming sooooon!~~

Annddd here's the first dig location! Bigger, stronger and prettier!

Look there's two roaches!

Look there's a centipede!

Feed the Green! :D ;D :D ;D
Feed the Green!