Guerrilla Gardening in Tripoli

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Guerrilla Gardening in Tripoli
« on: December 21, 2006, 08:47:14 PM »
On a fact finding mission in Libya I have guerrilla gardening in Tripoli to report. 

Whilst the town is planted with numerous elegant palms that line the streets growing from square holes cut into the pavement, in places they are either missing or the base of the tree has become a muddy messy litter dump.  This is an area for improvement and public partcipation, an opportunity to fly the green national flag. 

The biggest challenge for a guerrilla gardener in central Tripoli is finding a supply of plants.  I eventually bartered with a souvenir trader in the medina for one of his ornamental succulent pot plants that are not usually for sale.  It was perfect for filling a small weedy pavement planter that I had spotted earlier in the day.  At around 7.45pm, with Mike and Steve in attendance, we struck.  Two suited local Libyans took interest, alarming at first, but soon splendid allies.  One had not only studied film in London thirty years ago but was also leader of the local Revolutionary Youth Committee.  Whilst I gardened Mike put him at ease about his discovery of a foreigner with a trowel digging up his capital city, and won him round.  He was so delighted with our "gesture of friendship" that he invited us into the comittee club the overlooked the action, and gave a tour.  In a wood pannelled room with Ghadafi's portrait looking down on us, he gave me his e-mail address and agreed to take on responsibility for the plant and plot.

(Of course if you are a permanent resident of Libya and would like to guerrilla garden please do not hesitate to leave a message here as I have identified numerous opportunities for the green improvement of public space)
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