Seeking Vegetable/Fruit/Flower Gardening Space in 10 mile radius to Grove

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I live in the Grove in an area without enough sun and open areas to plant and successfully grow vegetables.  I've tried container planting, but without much sun, the plants don't grow.  I planned to attend a city commissioners meeting in January to inquire about developing community garden spaces, and then found this website.  Does anyone know of lots in my area - grove, gables, brickell, downtown, overtown - where i can find space to grow vegetables, help to cultivate and enrich the soil and beautify the neighborhoods? I eat organic and vegan and am so tired of having to spend so much money on feeding myself and my family as well as hurting the environment because of the amount of energy required to transport foods from so far.  Thanks!

Try the Dandelion Cafe downtown and the Holistic Living Center next to it. I know they have a CO-OP garden you can join over there (I have never been in the garden). I live on the other side of town so it is too far for me to drive but I believe you can go in there on a weekly basis. Just check them out online and give them a call.