Wild Garden in Yokohama

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Wild Garden in Yokohama
« on: April 27, 2020, 08:46:59 AM »
There is a patch of land between the nearest supermarket and our house, three minutes away. It was a garbage dump and full of dead weeds. I decided to make it nicer by first getting rid of the weeds and the garbage. For about a year, I kept bringing full bags of dead weeds home to put them out for the community garbage collections. My wife kept asking me where I picked them up. I answered vaguely that they came from here and there near our house. I did not want to tell her the truth. She is a law-abiding British woman, and she might be embarrassed to find out that I was working on the land without permission of the owner or the local community. After about a year of my lonely work, I confided in my wife what I had been doing. She now realized the source of the numerous bagfuls of weeds. She started to help me getting rid of the weeds, and now enjoys planting trees and flowers, which is becoming one of our outside activities in the Corona time.
A senior woman once told me that she stops to look at the garden on the way back uphill from the super market, - made me very happy.

For more see https://photos.app.goo.gl/YmQiFjqCUbYuUSFJ6

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