Anybody interested in a succulent swap for future GG plantings?

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Hi fellow GGers!

I'm girlsaylor in Ft Lauderdale.

Today I was taking some cuttings of succulents to root for future GG digs. If it's not against any of the GG philosophy, I would like to offer up some succulents in exchange for some I do not have, to increase the supply and variety of cuttings, specifically and only for GG purposes.

Here's what I have potted up to trade, that root very easily here:
one stick cactus
one thornless cactus
one white orchid cactus

For a shady area, I also took cuttings from three different angel wing begonias (small plants, so only one cutting from each one right now). If someone wants to trade cutting for cutting of begonias specifically and only for GG propogation purposes, shoot me an email. These are very small, fresh cuttings, so till take someone a bit of tending (not long!) til they are ready to go into a dig site.

I also potted up the yellow-blooming Louisiania Walking Iris - zone 10b. Easy to grow, spreads through shoots which lay down - then root. Those can go in the ground immediately, however, if a currently-planned dig is in need of a few free plants. Send up the word. Anybody travel through my area that will be going to the Miami dig...

Over the weekend I'll pot up some aloes for a GG dig as well. Once again, if there's a dig soon outside my area and someone wants to pick up some, please shoot me an email for the aloes.

I have alot of common, hardy plants that grow well here in south FL around the house we're renting here. My landlord has given her blessing to any plants I want to divide for myself or to share.

Anybody interested in a pre-dig work day? I can take cuttings of crotons and have them ready to pot up, if someone wants to get in on the ground (literally), starting plants for a GG dig. If no response, I'll still do this myself, but it could be a nice way to get to know each other and plan out a dig, discuss a site, whatever.

girlsaylor, Ft Lauderdale

Re: Anybody interested in a succulent swap for future GG plantings?
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hi! i found the perfect site for a GG dig but need someone to lead the event! i could plan it but i lack the gardening knowledge to lead it.
If you haven't planted the cuttings yet, I would love to come by and save them for the next dig, but I don't have plants to give in return.

my schedule is pretty open so let me know of a good time and i'll stop by.
thank you!