Guerilla Gardeners - Toronto Public Space Committee

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Guerilla Gardeners - Toronto Public Space Committee
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Hello Guerilla Gardeners!
My name is Erin and I'm the coordinator for the Toronto Public Space Committee's Guerilla Gardeners. I've been gardening with them for two seasons now and it's a great way to interact with the city. Not only do you get to create some awesome gardens in public spaces but you meet wonderful people.  If you're at all interested in changing the green space of Toronto or learning more about guerilla gardening please get in contact with me at or visit our website at:

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Here's the latest from the Toronto Guerrilla Gardeners...

GUERILLA GARDENING ~ Get green with us!

Guerilla Gardening season is back!  Without permit or license, we plant seeds and seedlings in neglected corners of public space. Join us as we vandalise the city with nature!  There are a bunch of events already planned for the season!

(a) Seed Bomb and Little Sign-Making Session – Sunday May 6th, 2 pm at the 519 Centre (519 Church St)

Get together to make seed bombs and "Please Water Me" signs that we use for the season.  Please bring whatever paints and art supplies you may have.

(b) Regularly Scheduled Plantings – first planting Sunday May 12th!

We will gather at a pre-designated meeting place to plant gardens. Bring seeds, plants, tools, or whatever else you might have on hand. Even if you just bring yourself, come plant with us!

We will be planting on these dates in each of the ‘regions’ (downtown, Annex, East and West) – weather dependent of course: May 12th, May 27th, June 16th.

(c) Tree Triage Training – Saturday May 19th
This is a walk that we will be doing, hosted by LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) that will teach us how to take care of sick or wounded trees. We will also learn about tree transplantation, in hands-on style!  We will try to incorporate taking care of trees as part of our other plantings as well, based on what we learn at the session.

(d) Nighttime Seed Bombing Mission – June 7,
Remember those seed bombs we made? Well by now they are ready to go! Let's go throw them at some neglected urban spaces!

(e) Summer Solstice Night Planting - Kensington - June 21st
For the last planting of the season, we will plant near Kensington on the evening of the summer solstice!

To find out where and at what time to meet for all these events, check the web site (, or contact the coordinator for your region:
- West: Andy (
- Annex: Lindsay (
- Downtown: Erin (
- East: Heather (

We will gratefully accept any donations of gardening supplies for the season:  seeds, bulbs, gardening tools, soil enhancers, etc., or any financial donations to help purchase these items.  Please contact


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Hi Erin,

I've recently signed up and am looking for a patch at the moment.

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Hey folks,

What's the deal with the Kensington Market event on the 21st? A few of the B.G.G.C folks and I were thinking of coming down to lend a hand and meet you folks. If you get this before the 21st, please send me whatever info you have!

Drop zuchinnis, not bombs,

Brampton Guerilla Gardening Collective (B.G.G.C)

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Interesting. I'll check this for future reference on our garden project in San Ramon Bathroom Remodeling Company.