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I've noticed that many graves don't have any flowers planted within the allowed proximity of the tombstone (each graveyard has different rules).  I hardly think the dead would mind if we gave them some respect...  and who's to say that that old neglected grave isn't one's long-lost relative?  How about some poppies for the war vets or some perrenial forget-me-nots?  Whatever is chosen, it has to be short and not likely to become invasive, so roses, even miniature ones would not be a good idea.  Since it is traditional that headstones face the rising sun in many cultures, shading is only a problem when there is a tree or shrub nearby.

To respect closer relations, I think it would be considerate to wait to plant until after seedlings or transplants planted by closer relatives are showing.

A cemetary gardener near me told me that adding bonemeal to the earth will deter squirrels digging up the plants.



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Re: Cemetaries
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Yeah, good idea,

I planted some forget-me-nots on the grave of a  friend of mine...

A different graveyard, but where my father is buried, the council lets all the weeds go to seed before hacking them back, generally close to the end of August as there is an annual religious ceremony in early September.