student gardeners without gardens?

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student gardeners without gardens?
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I am a student at Concordia University, a long-time gardener, sometimes in a guerilla context, currently without any real space of my own. I am considering putting together a proposal for use of greenhouse space on the downtown campus. The idea would be to make it available to students, and possibly other gardeners, who want to start seedlings, cuttings etc. cheaply, for their own use or for guerilla and community gardening projects.

Before I do that, I just wanted to see whether there was some interest out there, or possibly someone who would want to work with me on the proposal. I would love to hear from other students, or gardeners-without-space in the downtown area.


Je suis une ?tudiante ? Concordia, et je veut faire un application pour un espace communautaire dans la serre de Concordia (centre-ville) pour croiser les semences, propager etc. Je me demande s'il y'a des autres ?tudiant(e)s qui s'interessent de cette id?e.

Re: student gardeners without gardens?
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Hey, i'm part of a student group that formed at McGill called Campus Crops. Our aim is to obtain space for students to garden on campus, we started in September of '07 and so far for the past 2 summers have been gardening in a small plot behind the school of environment building on campus. It's a super small space, but we're working on getting some more eventually (and hopefully more volunteers to maintain them because that's an issue right now..). But it's a start! We're not being very  "guerilla", and trying to obtain spaces with the permission of the administration.  We are, however,  doing a workshop on making seedbombs on Saturday, June 22nd with Santropol Roulant, and we want to start a discussion about guerilla gardening. We just want people to throw ideas around basically.

You should come out to the workshop! or even come by the garden during hour work hours if you're really desperate to play in the dirt, haha. We have shifts at 5PM on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays.we let anyone volunteer in the garden, even if they're not students so if you're interested in joining us you should! And if you're interested in seeing proposals we've written to administration, or chat about how our group works if you're considering starting one at Concordia that'd be cool too!  Any way we can help!

Re: student gardeners without gardens?
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hi, i am a gardener and also a student  and i have decided to help you . so please keep in touch with me .
i hope you will create a nice project whatever you don't have your own land but the inspiration of gardening
will surely help you from other students. ok , great concept and just carry on to be successful in this project .
i will be glad if i can help you .
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