Little walnuts in my new garden

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Little walnuts in my new garden
« on: August 10, 2019, 02:55:14 PM »
Hello community!

I tell you that I bought a house, it is quite abandoned, and the same goes for your garden. I haven't had much money left to improve the state of the house, but I do have time to work in the garden (something I love). From there comes the next query (I have many more but I will start with this one).

Inside the jadin there are two small walnuts (approximately two meters high), the garden is not very large so I think they will occupy too much place if I let them grow freely, that is why I consider two options:

- Option 1: keep the size of the plants controlled by pruning. I am not an expert for what I have sought information, find this article on pruning of walnuts, who tell me is correct what it indicates there ?.

- Option 2: wait for the right time to extract the two plants and transplant them in my field. As for this, do you think they will survive the transplant?

Which of the two options is the viable? I hope you know how to advise me. :)