starting up guerrilla tactics at the bus stop and transit curbs

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I'd love to hear from others who are beautifying their bus stop.  I'll be posting pics soon.  Looking for good ideas for plantings that can tolerate pollution and don't require too much watering.  Although Seattle is grey 9 months out of the year, it doesn't rain much after July 4 until late September.  Any advice?
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Re: starting up guerrilla tactics at the bus stop and transit curbs
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Very happy to see a fellow Seattelite in this forum! I just "stumbled upon it today. It has been a few years since I have participated in "guerrilla" gardening and/or artwork...In Belltown we added "art" to cracks in the sidewalks and other infrastructure...

I have always been a "mad sunflower planter" and traffic circle fixer...well its about time to get back to my roots...

As far as your question, I highly suggest mixing herbs with flowers...especially the low water Mediterranean types like thyme oregano and rosemary. I am finding these plants to increasingly do well on overwintering due to our climate change. Thyme of course, as you know can work very well as a border that needs little upkeep and keeps it looking tidy.

Well, the main reason I am bringing this up is because I think it would be very nice for busy shoppers to be able to rely on their bus top for a sprig or two for dinner fixings...just as I rely on my neighbors lavender for free perfume when I am on the go. I just rub it quickly between my hands and behind my ears and Voila!

Your idea is a good one and I will be checking my closest stops for "opportunity"! Thanks!