Tree Peony &Herbaceous Peony

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Tree Peony &Herbaceous Peony
« on: February 04, 2017, 01:57:35 PM »
While Jessica from Zhongchuan Poeny Nursery, Let talk about the different between Tree Peony &Herbaceous Peony

Above all, tree Peony is a deciduous shrub and woody plant, while herbaceous peony is kind of tuberous and herbal plant.Tree Peony has wide leaves which front side is slightly green or green yellow, while herbaceous peony leaves are narrow with both sides being black-green.The flowers of tree peony are formed at the top of squid and are mostly one flower each branch ,while the flowers of herbaceous peony come at the top of branches and are multiple.Blooming period is different: tree peony coming out early, but herbaceous peony flowers relatively late.These two plants? flower season may have a interval about 15 days.Despite flowering period different between tree and herbaceous peonies, there are some similarities in growth habits and characteristics between them.Peonies tolerate both cold and drought. Herbaceous has a strong adaptability, so widely used in garden. When planted together with tree peony, it becomes a good partner of Tree peony in its blank flower season. On the other hand, herbaceous has particularities such as huge flowers, dark green leaves, long and straight stems etc. It is also an excellent material for fresh cut flowers .

I have many pictures of these plants if you have interest , I could show you my face album about these plants. :)