Guerrilla reforestation

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Guerrilla reforestation
« on: December 19, 2015, 07:31:26 AM »
Hey all,

Has anyone ever tried guerrilla reforestation? Well I suppose reforestation might be a bit of a grand idea, but has anyone created a small wood in a public area with seedbombs or rooted cuttings? What species did you use? I guess willow would be good as it is fast growing and taking a cutting is as easy as putting a twig in the ground and keeping it watered.

Re: Guerrilla reforestation
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Willow trees suck up a lot of water, so you need to research any tree thoroughly before you plant it!  Generally, they should best be natives, or secondly productive noninvasive nonnatives.

Re: Guerrilla reforestation
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Sometimes you can do it yourself but sometimes it can be easier to call in one of the landscaping companies in your area especially when the jobs a big one!
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I guess you need some more research about what you want to plant. Willow needs a lot of water. So you better do some research

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I've done this in my area many times. The plots are really beginning to fill up and add some life to the space. I have a tree removal company and I mainly focus on taking away diseased trees that have no other resort, but still feel bad about taking them down. So I have used small scale reforestation as a way to contribute to bringing more nature to the area for every tree I take down.