Guerilla Gardening Opportunity

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Guerilla Gardening Opportunity
« on: July 04, 2014, 09:08:03 PM »
Hello all,

I have found an amazing spot for some guerilla gardening to occur.

So let's discuss.

This area is in N Pasadena close to Altadena around Eaton Canyon area. I have made a Google map with the location.

This area is along the road and would have full sun from morning to whenever the sun falls behind the wall that is on the west side of the bed. There is a wall the entire length of this plot of land that stand between it and the neighbors. I'm going to ask the neighbors if that is their land or if it belongs to the city. This plot of land also has a specimen plant of Quercus agrifolia growing on it so it has a shading spot for some plants.

I haven't tested the soil yet. It looks rather hard but I could be wrong. I'll take pictures tomorrow and try to get them uploaded on here so everyone can see. I'm just writing this to see if there would be any interest. LA has a guerilla gardening club ( and I'll probably contact them for help because this bed if about 600 feet long and I'm guessing 6-8 feet wide. It is a BIGGIE!

I'm also writing to see if anyone would have plant material to donate. We'll need lots and lots of stuff. I think winter growers, agaves, aloes with nice colors when they get hot and dry and some native stuff would fit the space perfectly. I think the shaded area under the oak should get some cool shade loving stuff as well. If you have an out-of-control Aloe or Agave that needs some taming let me know.

I'm guessing this will happen around November (at least part of it) depending on the plant material we get. I'll keep everyone updated. I think this would be a great and fun oppurtunity to meet lots of different people and it would definitely spread the word of Guerilla Gardening and Xericworld!!

I've bought the book for lite reading.

Peace, Love and Plants