Electrically-Enhanced Seed Balls

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Electrically-Enhanced Seed Balls
« on: November 03, 2014, 02:57:39 AM »
Hey Everyone,

I would like to share an idea that you may want to use to improve the not only the germination rate, but also the speed of growth, and help protect the plant against various diseases and environmental hazards like frost and drought.

The idea is to use electroculture (aka electro-horticulture) on seeds or seed balls.  Personally, I think doing it to the seed balls themselves might be easier, especially if they're somewhat moist.

My approach to doing this would be to take an old cell phone charger, cut the connector off and attach each wire to a strip of metal.  I think that if you were to arrange a bunch of seed balls touching together on a table and then put the pieces of metal across from each other, that would allow the electric current to flow. 

If anyone is interested in this, I think it would be really cool if someone actually set up an experiment to test it out... Any takers?
David Wechsler
- Founder, http://ElectricFertilizer.com