Dead Zones and Gardens and Portfolios- Oh My!

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Dead Zones and Gardens and Portfolios- Oh My!
« on: April 30, 2014, 05:21:23 PM »
Hello! I am a student at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, a contemporary arts high school.

The reason that I am coming to you today is because I am currently working on a project concerning how to get rid of the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Dead zones are areas of nutrient rich, oxygen poor sections of water that are defunct of life- hence the name "dead zone. " These areas are nutrient rich because of the excess runoff of large farms along the river, which provide too many nutrients for the life there and eventually kill it. My solution involves creating community gardens, which would create buffer zones between the garden and the water source as well as reduce the need for large scale farming, which would cut back on the amount of crops they farm, which would reduce the amount of chemical runoff, which would help begin solving the issue of the dead zone. This is where the Guerilla Gardening community comes in. I want my presentation to be as accurate to life as possible, and who better to ask than those who grow the gardens themselves?

My questions are as follows and please feel free to answer or not answer whichever you choose:

- How did you go about starting your garden? What were the difficulties in starting it?
- What kinds of tools do you use to care for your garden?
- Do you use fertilizer? If so, have you experimented with different types of fertilizer (i.e. chemical, organic)? If so, which one have you found works better? Has the quality of the crop changed based on the type of fertilizer used, if any?
- What problems have you encountered in your experience in creating a garden? What benefits have you encountered? Does one outweigh the other?
- How do other members feel about the garden? Are there other people who work on your garden besides you?
- How much the garden typically provide per member, if you take what you grow from it?
- How does the upkeep of the garden work?
- In what ways has your garden changed since it's founding?

I am very interested in the answers as I am looking into creating a garden in my own community to assist in the effects of the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone, as well as establish a sense of confidence and independence in my neighbors. The positive effects of such a simple thing never ceases to amaze me!

Please respond as soon as is convenient and I wish you a most wonderful rest of your day.