Day Of The Heroic Guerrilla - 8 October 2007

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Day Of The Heroic Guerrilla - 8 October 2007
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Che Ernesto Guevara - a man who wrote about sowing the seeds of revolution but was not a particularly enthusiastic gardener - is someone from whom we borrow a bit of spirit.  He was executed forty years ago and in Cuba October 8th, the day before his death, is called Day Of The Heroic Guerrilla. Love him or loathe him, I encourage you to mark this occasion and make it your reason to get out there gardening, perhaps even with something appropriately red and revolutionary, all be it green as well.

Bulbs are a great way to guerrilla garden.  Take a tulip for example.  Dig a hole about 15cm deep and drop a couple or so in pointy bit up.  Then cover it firmly with soil.  That's really all you need to do before it flowers in Spring.  Take a photo of the patch and then you'll remember where you've dug in your colourful land mine.  Please do share what you've done on the Community pages of the website.

Below are images of some tulip planting that Lizzie 002, Vicky 619 and I did in Devon last November, and the results this spring.  The strike took about 10 minutes on the way home from the pub, and what a delight it was to see the blaze of colour a few months later.
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