What I've gathered so far

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What I've gathered so far
« on: September 14, 2011, 04:04:28 AM »
I've only been a GGer for the past several months and here's what I've got for dot points.
- The chances of success varies from location to location.
- Compared to conventional gardening, guerrilla gardening has a lower success rate.
- Thieves and vandals find succulent plants appealling, thieves like them because they both look strange and interesting. As for vandals, they like them because they break easily. Thus planting succulents should be avoided unless however you find a secure planting spot.
- Weeds can serve as an indicator as to wether or not a place is suitable. If the weeds appear healthy, then the spot is likely to be suitable. If the weeds look small, sickly, stunted or discoloured then the spot is likely to be unsuitable unless you can condition the soil with mulch and organic matter.
- Appropriate plant selection is important, if your from a climate that getting hot and dry like here in  Australia for instance, then drought tolerant species will be a good choice. Various drought tolerants either require or prefer well drained soil depending on species. If the soil feels soft and is easy to work through then the soil is likely to be well drained.  If the soil is hard, compacted and difficult to work through then the soil is likely to be badly drained.

Happy GGing :).