Off grid sustainable communities

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Off grid sustainable communities
« on: June 29, 2010, 07:15:51 PM »
Hi guys, a fellow guerilla told me about you wonderful project and said some of you may be interested in our project to develop a number of off grid sustainable communities up and down the country!

I'll give you a brief description of what we are trying to do.....

The Get Outlandish Projects are a unique and new idea, to build, grow and live ourselves a better way of life. We are a growing group of individuals who believe in the bettering of mankind.

We are currently in the process of developing a number of fully sustainable communities up and down the country. We want to join hands and stop wasting earths resources. We want somewhere we can grow non genetically modified food for our children and live in a place that is free from ?fear?. We want our children to learn things of value, things they can carry through life, things that will go towards making this world a better place and no longer be a victims of state ?education?. We want to start laughing again-START LIVING. We no longer wish to be dependant on the system for anything and we are taking steps to ensure that this will be made possible and hope to provide the rest of the country with a blueprint on how they can do this for themselves. However most importantly we want to start caring for each other again. We think this is how life is meant to be and we are certain the current system does nothing to support our well being. Our hope is to bring together a community of like-minded individuals, who can contribute to building and working towards a more sustainable life together. This is possible and we will make it happen and you can too.

If you think you may be intersted in this project, you can go over to

Everyone is welcome and  thank you for taking the time read this.

Change is coming... :)

Much Love to You All
Tamara x x x

Re: Off grid sustainable communities
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  :)  :) Go girl i like what your doing ------------its not for me yet but good luck and blessings  :) :)
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Re: Off grid sustainable communities
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 ;D Paigan, thank you for your kind words of encouragement!
Blessings to you and all the other guerrilla gardeners! x x x

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Was thinking about  you the other day a was wondering how your project is doing---Blessings Paigan--
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Ok you can't be completely tax free living in Britain because of schooling, hospitals & emergency services
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