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Hey Everyone,

I am here to make a difference and I have been brain storming.  So I was thinking to myself that there are spots all over the place where there is nothing planted but grass right.  Why is that bad?  Well, first we have to pay someone to mow that grass, second they have to drive to that location to mow (carbon outlay) thirdly, they mow that area (carbon outlay), fourthly they have to drive back (carbon outlay.)

So there are Four negitives to growing nothing but grass!

Next point, we know that bamboo provides more co2 conversion to oxygen over the same square footage of trees!  That is because Bamboo grows so fast, and closer together; it is resilent stuff and grows very easily.  Within three years bamboo can spread greatly both vertically and horizontally.  After three years of a tree growing it might be a couple feet tall. 

So planting bamboo would be a much better use of our resources.  Not only that, but bamboo really is beautiful isn't it.  And it provides lots of shade for people and buildings.  It can cover up eye sores and makes everything more brillant because of the color.  It grows thick so it provides both a security barrier and also a noise barrier as well.

For all of these reasons I have come to the conclusion that I want to start trying to plant bamboo in areas that can take it.  There are many places around highways and over and underpasses where this would really excel.

I realize that some people think bamboo is an evasive plant.  There is truth to that, and at the same time if you plant it in the right spots it could add much beauty to our environments.  I have been scouting out many spots as I have been driving around my city and I see many opportunities.  I hope to get a digital camera and share some pictures of places that it would be great!

Between now and then, what does everyone think?!


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What city are you in? I thought you were in Austin but your post is just under Texas so not sure... I like your bamboo idea...makes a lot of sense. The clumping varieties of bamboo are not invasive, btw-- it's the running type that is. Clumping bamboo is awesome.  Here's a great tutorial on Bamboo, called Bamboo101... Enjoy!


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Really liked the bamboo site       Hadn't thought of bamboo , but it's a great idea