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Hy my name is Marina and I am a student in Europe.
At the momemt I am wrighting one of my thesis with ten other
students of the University of Life Sciences and Natural
Resources Vienna (Austria) We compose our Bachelor thesis about
the phenomenon Guerilla Gardening, since it?s a very current
issue and it also interests us a lot.
We compare different cities like Vienna, Berlin and New York in
focus on Guerilla Gardening actions and your point of view.
This thesis should reflect the vision of Guerilla Gardeners and
that?s why we would want to accomplish qualitative interviews
with you.

Would you or a Guerilla friend of yours be so kind to take some
(approximately 45 minutes) time for an interview by skype, if
that?s possible, with us?

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards

The Guerilla Explorer Marina :)

Re: Interview
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I would really only need one interview! Come on guys, at least one must have time....even if I only send it as a questionaire!! Please I am deserpate! Thanks