Once a guerrilla.................

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Once a guerrilla.................
« on: June 03, 2007, 09:54:34 PM »
Margaret 2878, as mentioned in the latest newsletter. Although I am now primarily a community gardener, I still love to go off on my own and attack an unloved corner!. However I am really blatant now and do it in full daylight, and the majority of people just walk or drive straight past!!!! I have stripped all the ivy out of the Chusan palm it was strangling, that took a couple of hours altogether, and a month ago spent 3 hours sorting out an overgrown corner beside one of the main junctions in Torquay. It hadn't been touched for years, but now drivers can see across to the other side of the road properly.
Don't forget, whether you are community or guerrilla gardeners, there is money out there waiting to be given to those who want to green the environment. Try your local radio station - most of them have a charity arm.
When news of the SECOND meadow mowing hit the press we were contacted by a firm showing a Chelsea to offer us replacement plants - really restores your faith in human nature