The first International Tulip Guerrilla Gardening Day: Sat 9 October 2010

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Following the popularity of the 4 year old International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day I thought we should have a rallying moment in autumn too (for us Northern Hemisphere dwellers at least... sunflowers in the south if you like). And so let's have a go with tulips...

Tulips? Well they're great aren't they, they're easy to grow and there's even a dark purple one called "Queen of the Night" (yes, very guerrilla). Let's hope we... can generate a bit of 'tulipomania' again (last time this happened it was the 17th century). That was considered the result of 'the madness of crowds', so let's hope we can channel some mass craziness into a bit of positivity (rather than the economic bubble the love of tulips generated 370 years ago)...

Step beyond your boundaries, splurge the promise of colour out there on a far from remarkable patch of land, a solo mission or a regimented march through your neighbourhood. You get the idea. A sorry looking verge, an empty tree pit, something that won't be mowed or strimmed over winter, and get digging.
I've created a Facebook page which has over 500 people signed up now, perhaps we can be 1000 by 9 October?
Join the event here:

And I've uploaded some photos of guerrilla grown tulips from previous plantings in the Facebook album to give you some idea of the kind of locations that have worked well for me and other guerrilla gardeners I've met:

If you want company you could even create your own specific local event, a meeting place, day or night, adapt the logo if you like as many of you spontaneously did on Sunflower GG Day and share photos of your planting here which in due course can be profiled on

Please also sign up and share your photos in the Facebook group here:

mach frankfurt bunt!

Brilliant to hear Frankfurt's in. So I hear is Glasgow, Paris, Toulouse, Iowa and beyond. Nearly 700 signed up at Facebook.

Details of the London event I'm leading are here:
7pm at the Elephant & Castle north roundabout.