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documentary film
« on: July 11, 2009, 02:10:34 PM »
Hi There,

From reading through the boards, I'm aware that I'm not the first person in the media to show an interest in Guerilla Gardening. And I'm not sure how people involved in GG feel about this.

I make documentaries for festivals and television and I've been fascinated by the idea of guerilla gardening for quite a while now. I'd love to do a short documentary on the topic. I understand that not everyone is happy to reveal their identity or the whereabouts of their work but I'd still love to explore this further with people and see if there was any way a short documentary could be made that everyone would be happy with.

I'd love to spread the word about guerilla gardening but I don't in any way want to compromise anyone's work.

I'd love to hear from people, initially for just a general chat so I can understand better how people might feel about it. I guarantee the information will go no further.

My email is

Hope to hear from people!