Looking for Guerrillas for an international documentary

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Looking for Guerrillas for an international documentary
« on: August 23, 2010, 09:16:19 AM »

my name is Vivian.

A few weeks ago, I noticed there are sunflowers growing on public places all over my neighbourhood in Cologne, Germany. Simply beautiful!! Then, a couple of days later, I met a man who was taking care of the plants. And he told me about Guerrilla Gardening...

A bit more about myself: I have studied film and TV and worked for different television programmes in Germany. I have filmed in many countries, like South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand, USA, Tanzania, Mozambique and all over Europe. I have been employed at a production company for a while. But now, I want to start over and make independent projects again.

I would like to make a documentary film about Guerrilla Gardening - but not only with the Guerrilla in Cologne. Since this is a movement that is taking part all over the world and therefore connects people from different cultures and nationalities, I would like to portray guerrilla gardeners and urban gardeners from many different places.

This is still a private project. I am planning to apply at a master school with my idea. I would first develop the film for a while ? in agreement, and if possible in cooperation with the people I will be filming (I am aware, that there are many concerns, let s talk!) - After completion, the project should be introduced to producers and stations and go into production. To apply for the programme I will have to present a synopsis, that has to include the people which will be portrayed in the film.

Therefore I am looking for gardeners who would be willing to tell me a little more about their ideas, motivations, and of course, who would be willing to be filmed. I am very open to include your own ideas in the documentary as this is supposed to be a film from the perspective of guerrilla gardeners and not from the perspective of a journalist or scientist.

I am really looking forward to your responses! Please send me an email and tell me bit about yourself, your hometown, your life as a guerrilla gardener, you can answer either in English or in German. This is a quite urgent request as the application deadline for the school is soon. Therefore, I'd be very happy to hear from you soon...

My Email:

All the best,