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Hello all!

I just discovered about guerilla gardening and would really much like to join some of you to help green my city. How can I, where can I join you and etc?

Or maybe I just can do it on my own. But to do that, I need advices and tips. What can I do?


Re: Guerilling!
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The easiest place to start in guerrilla gardening in Montreal (as soon as the snow *finally* melts, that is) is to 'adopt' a tree pit on your street, or near your work, or somewhere else you pass by often. A 'tree pit' is that square of earth around a tree in the sidewalk. The City of Montreal encourages people to adopt them and plant flowers in them! Some boroughs of Montreal will even give you the flowers for free! Keep a close eye on your community newspaper to find out if your borough is having a free flower give-away. Otherwise Marigolds are cheap, easy to grow from seed, and very colourful, so they are good to start with.

Good luck!

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You could also plant Virginia creeper close to buildings that have ugly walls.  In a few years the whole wall will be covered in green.  Its all for free if you have a vine like this in your own garden; you can then just take root cuttings and in a few years you'll have greened up a whole part of the city.