Detroit, are you sprouting?

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Detroit, are you sprouting?
« on: April 26, 2010, 01:41:52 AM »
Hey everyone...I am a community gardener and guerilla gardener in Hamtramck.  I'm starting my first large scale (one city lot!) guerilla garden with a handful of friends and residents this week-someone has to plant some wildflowers for the honey bees we're getting next year!  Its just a sandy lot leftover from an abandoned house removal last year.  It collects leaves and litter, but it doesn't have sod or weeds yet, so we're putting in climbers (on the "city property - no trespassing" signs), perennials and sunflowers on the edges, and native wild flower mix in the middle.  If you wanna come, show up at the corner of Casmere and Saint Aubin, in Hamtramck at 8 pm (Fri April 30).  Bring tools, sporks, friends, seeds, spare perennials, or just yourself.

My 'legitimized' community garden is on Saint Aubin, between Caniff and Carpenter.  We have about 800 sq ft under cultivation and 20 participating elementary students, along with almost a dozen adult gardeners.  We plan to double it next year, and have four fruit trees and a bee hive next season.  If anyone wants to talk shop, trade plants, or visit, I'm there every Wednesday afternoon and evening.  Just wanted to see if anyone is active out there, and how the gardens are going!

Is anyone in the GRP (garden resource  It's the best way to get started with guerilla or community gardens

Best of luck

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Re: Detroit, are you sprouting?
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2010, 05:09:00 PM »
Hey anyone and everyone!

Our strike on the corner of Casmere and Saint Aubin was a success!  The corner of the impacted clay lot, plus 35 feet of border, was amended with 100 gallons of compost in the morning.  Neighbors stopped to thank us and inquire about how they could help the entire time we were busting up clay.

At dusk, four of us met at the corner to put in thyme, autumn joy, lavender, shasta daisy, creeping plox, day lilies, irises, groundcover and herbs.  We also brought some annual dianthus and sweet pea vines, sunflower seeds and random assorted packets of easy to grow seed. 

As we started to plant, several neighboring Bangladeshi families came out to ask what we were up to, did we buy the lot, etc.  We said no, as we zip tied a trellis and several "Help the earth" signs made by local elementary kids to the "NO TRESPASSING, City Property" sign.  The kids joined in and planted wildflower seed, dianthus, and what will hopefully become a towering border of sunflowers (Lyngs Mammoth Greystripe).

Now we have two enlisted gardeners: Jasmine (11) and Sharmin (9).  These two sisters have started to clear the debris and bricks from the rest of the derelict lot on their own because they love to garden so much!  Half the block has come out with suggestions and materials to garden the entire lot!

Anyone else out there having any success?  Stop by and visit sometime!

War to the Palaces, Peace to the villages!