please help me get planting in the Malden Road/Haverstock Road area of NW5!

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Hey there,
If you live close by to us in Gospel Oak and feel inspired to help me do some planting and sowing here, I would love to join forces and try to beautify the area. 
Now is the perfect time too: after the rain and Spring time blossoming...
I have just sown some wild flower seeds in an otherwise pretty windswept, derelict roundabout on the Wendling estate, but inspired by a) the gorgeous arrangement someone does on Malden Road close to St Dominic's Church and b) the belief that the more we make somewhere a garden of flowers people will value where they live more and care more about the space and community, I would love to do more...
email me here or at: if you are interested in creating a Gospel Oak merry band.  I have spoken with the council and am hoping they will do something to implement a planting programme, but this could take ages and anyway they won't plants under trees, which means most of the local area won't be tackled - however hopefully we might get some tubs and baskets. 
I would love it all to feel more fabulously verdant!!!
Many thanks,
Tamara x.