Documentary on urban food production/seed sharing

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Documentary on urban food production/seed sharing
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Hi there,

First off, sorry for not writing in German (and for writing in a bad English for that matter).

A friend/colleague and I are getting ready for the recording of a documentary about the "how(s)?" and "why(s)?" of urban agriculture. We're focusing on the subject of production of edible (or medicinal) plants at home (balcony, rooftops, etc.) and in vacant lots (illegal or not).

Most particularly, it is the practical and political motivations behind growing your own food that we want to cover (local circuits, re-appropriation of urban spaces, fight against big distribution chains, the importance of seed saving -and sharing- to maintain a healthy genetic pool and stay independent from agribusiness, etc.).

Here's why I'm writing: I need to meet for a half day (about) people having an experience in growing food despite leaving in a city, and being able to tell us how and why they do it.

We'll be in Europe (we live in Montr?al and NY state) in June and we're planing (on a tight budget consisting of our own little savings) our trips according to the people we could meet and interview.

SO PLEASE!!! Let me know if you know (or if you are) someone who would be willing to talk and show us about all this stuff. Thanks thanks thanks.  :)

You can contact me at or directly answer here.



PS. I'll be posting in separate parts of the forum according to the geographic locations we'll be able to go to, I hope that's not a bother.
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