First time being filmed, and first response to my guerilla gardening

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Almost by accident (I really don't know how I came to say yes), last week I agreed to being filmed for swedish television doing some guerilla gardening in Lund. So last monday me and a friend headed out, bikes overloaded with flowers and tools and we had a really fun evening! At least I did, my friend was not as amused when they kept asking her questions she didn't want to answer. But even I grew tired of the tv team when they asked us to do end redo everything four times...

Planted pansies and daffodils at my regular place, the playground, and pansies and primulas over att the university library.   

My camera is temporarily misplaced, so pictures will have to wait!  ::)

The best part of the evening was when we had just finished digging at the library, and an older woman approached with her husband. I saw her elbowing his side, and then she exclaimed "Oh, how pretty!!!" and smiled the sweetest smile.  She stopped to talk for a while, and that was the first time anyone ever approached me to give a response to my work  ;D



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mock sneak preview...!!!

same jumper, at least!!!!



Well I think the other one is just covered in lint... But nice effort! Worm appreciated!



Here's a link to the clip!

All in Swedish, the part about GG is in the first 5 mins or so.

Re: First time being filmed, and first response to my guerilla gardening
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Re: First time being filmed, and first response to my guerilla gardening
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