hello leeds people

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hello leeds people
« on: March 23, 2010, 05:25:55 PM »

i am a fellow leeds citizen, and am really interested into getting involved with guerrilla gardening especially the more abstract planting within cities.

im a student at leeds college of art and design doing visual communication,

and i as  a final major project i want to set up a website for guerrilla gardeners wanting to get involved ( basically this website aimed at students)

i was wanting some tips please of how to start within cities and wheres the nearest planting shops and get going peace out..
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Re: hello leeds people
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Hello, Ive also been thinking of getting a more active group together, Ive been designing some posters to put around to entice people. Have you made a website?
my emails ilikepeastoo@yahoo.co.uk if you want to get in touch, im planning on going out soon and doing some planting

Re: hello leeds people
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