A call to arms!

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A call to arms!
« on: November 21, 2009, 08:34:32 PM »
Hello world!

and hello Connecticut!,

We are Why Drive? A small company based in south eastern CT. We live by the motto: Using simple solutions to solve pollution (yes, we are trademarking that one). We are building up relationships with many of our local community leaders, business owners, and organizations, in an effort to make some of our ideas and visions heard. Many of those ideas involve fighting the over development of the open space along the CT shoreline and more near the New York Metro area.

For too long, towns and cities have allowed land developers to purchase and subdivide large pristine areas. An while our many state forests, parks, and conservancies give us locals an opportunity to get away from urban life. Many people do not have the means or will to travel and pay to enter these places. Even still many won't travel to the cities because they are drear, dark places. With no real sense of community, except for the small organizations that hold out in their neighborhoods.

I know, I know, get on with it! Well,  Why Drive? has decided to make guerrilla gardening it's very first sponsored cause. "so what, and why the hell do you care?" you ask. Good questions and the answers are pretty simple.  we just really, really like the idea of doing something sneaky, subversive, and somewhat rebellious. The minute we saw seedbom we were hooked. In fact so hooked we all shouted NO! when we found out they don't appear to be available in the US. Then proceeded to call a gardener and an engineer to see what we could cook up.

The Plan
In the spirit of the ideal, we encourage every resident in CT to independently operate their own "cells" and to talk with their local leaders, It can't hurt. However, Why Drive? is offering to help supply, organize, and network for any group that shows interest in the cause. We are working hard to secure suppliers for tools, and plants, as well as craftsmen and artists for design work. We have a very dedicated volunteer team working on this currently.

What we are going to do
We are going big! This is a war and we are guerrilla warfare experts ( we love role play) and we will win this war! If not stopped now. The enemy: The Giant of NYC, will creep over all remaining open space.

Why Drive? is now taking volunteers of all ages to help stop the menace.
The requirements to join our army is as follows:

-Must be mature and team oriented. children under 18 must have a guardian over the age of 18 present at any meeting or event.

-Must respect all participants of any meeting or event verbally and physically. Who wants to spoil the fun anyway?

-This is an army, not an organization. Everyone has rights and a say in what happens or what projects we pursue. Yet in the field, the assigned people in charge call the shots, No questions. They are there for everyone's safety, and to make sure the projects are completed on time.

- Be willing to have fun! we are doing something covert. In an effort to surprise and shock communities in a very positive way. Enjoy the fact that we are a secret group, who's upcoming plans should be held to the last minute from the general public. So keep it quiet, and go with the core ideals of guerrilla gardening.

So that's it. Why Drive? will be moving ahead with our breakout spring project in New London County. Contact us early and be a part of the planning stages! We'll be putting together a blog, web-page, and all that cool internet stuff soon. So check back here for updates.

Volunteers can contact us currently at: GG@Why-Drive.net
Leave your first name and last name initial.
Town you live in.
An your preferred email address
We'll be in touch

Thanks for reading!
Why Drive?