Help with Planting Plants

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Help with Planting Plants
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 ;D hi , please post your own tips and advice



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The very basics:

Choose plants that suit you (for example, if you think you won't have the time or energy to water them every day, do NOT choose plants that need watering every day. Choose something less needy).

Then, pick a nice spot for it (sun-loving plants go in the sun, and vice versa), dig a hole about twice the size of the pot the plant is already in, and one inch (2-2 and a half cm) deeper.

 If the roots are coiled around the edges of the pot, carefully loosen them so that they can spread nicely in their new hole. Place the plant in the hole, fill it up with soil/compost. Make sure the soil covers the old lump with about one inch, this prevents drying out.

WATER. Water regulary the first period, so the plant has a chance to establish itself. And water properly, it's better so give it a good soak once in a while than small splashes often (again, find out what the specific plant wants)

Tip: If the soil in the pot is very dry, water the plant before you plant it. This will prevent the water from taking the easy way down the hole you dug instead of helping your plant.

If that wasn't the answer you were looking for, give a more specific question and I'll try to answer it for you  :)

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« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2010, 08:14:23 PM »
Hi everybody,

Guerilla Gardening is a really interesting idea, and for this reason I have a question:
I'm from Stuttgart, Germany, and I am a member of the organizing team of an alternative youth caf?. We meet once a month and have different themes each time. Now we plan an evening about guerrilla gardening - with practise, of course :-) .

My question is: Is it still possible to go gardening in june? This would be the best for us, but we wonder if it is too late for the plants to grow....

Has anybody tips which plants can be plantet in june?

Thank you very much!




Re: Help with Planting Plants
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Annual flowers (the kind that only live one year, ask at the plant shop if you are unsure) can be planted in june (in fact, tis is the normal time to plant them), and will make an immediate colourful impact!  Just remember to water them often, ant so meybe put some fertilizer in the soil.

Most plants can be planted all year around (with some exceptions, and as long as the ground isn't frozen), the key for planting in mid summer is to water water water!