European Guerrillas say hello.

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European Guerrillas say hello.
« on: February 06, 2007, 06:18:35 PM »
I'm planning a tour of Europe in May / June to meet guerrilla gardeners and see your gardens, how ever modest.  If you would welcome a visit from me please get in touch:

On the intinery so far is Brussels, Paris, Berlin and Munich.

Re: European Guerrillas say hello.
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Hey there from the netherlands!!!   ;)

Re: European Guerrillas say hello.
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Hi Ruben.  Where in the Netherlands are you, and what are you up to.  Do say more...

Re: European Guerrillas say hello.
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I'm Ruben and living in Eindhoven (Woensel-Noord).
Not very happy about this town i live in for 20 Yrs. now.
Seems like more and more nature is dissepearing some how.

Manny "zwerfafval" (trash) as we call it.. lot's of places that need cleaning up and fixing up.
Whe have not enouf garbige-bens on the streets,. that's a big problem also,
in this town where there is alot of building going on.   :-\ Very industrial.

Unfortunaly i'm a bit disabled. Got some medical isseus,
that meens i need to calculate whell, what i can do and when..
and also that meens that if i garden or do other stuff
the day afther i will not be able to walk well.. some back problems etc.
It;s difficult to cary lot's of kilo's or, liters of water to water plants.

Annyways.. this will not stop me from making the world.
and of course my own home town, a nicer en beatiful place!!!  ;D

The sunflower seed-idea i like very much, so that's also an interested tought..
would like to see the people notice more of the nature around them.

I do have a small plan to work out some day soon with 2 guys from Amersfoort.
That will be a surpice..... will make foto's for u from it ofcourse when it's time   ;)


ps: my back problems, etc. dous not mean i can not cary annything.. i'm very strong fysiekly , but need to do things my own way  ;)

psps: at this moment gathering portable equipment to work with.. rubber boots etc.

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