Competiton / Bribe for transforming traffic islands (even if just in Photoshop)

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Just remember this competition (which I'm not eligible for as a Brit), for beautifying traffic islands, either in real life, or incredibly just in Photoshop!

Now you shouldn't really need the incentive of a sunny holiday to get guerrilla gardening, but it'd be churlish of me not to share this opportunity, I'd enter if I could.

Damn! I just found this and all the entires were photoshopped.  No real work in the real world at all. I can't believe they gave a trip for two for someone faking a photo.  ???

Sorry, I should have e-mailed you direct about this one... but wow, I hadn't seen the winners and what a load of disappointing nonsense. That everything should have been CGI is really disappointing. Imagination is one thing, but doing it is quite another. Not very GOOD at all!

Well done Scott, I see GOOD took notice of your late entry!

So do you get the holiday now too for all this real life hard work?

No Richard, the prize has been awarded.  Oh well! I never GG with the idea of getting some kind of reward. In fact until I found your site and posted here very few people knew what I was doing.