Somali Youth Planting Trees

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Somali Youth Planting Trees
« on: January 25, 2007, 05:33:00 PM »
Mike 054 passed on this news from letters page of The Guardian (11/1/07).  It's not quite guerrilla gardening, but in a country riddled with guerrillas win guns, it's some encouraging news.

"It is unlikely that the Islamic Courts' Militia has been routed. The conflict is entering a new phase with an important new element: the mass of the people of Somalia now have a cause. The ICM was a broad coalition, with moderate idealists at one end and some al-Qaida supporters at the other. The west is just beginning to realise that that is roughly the spectrum of opinion in all Muslim communities. Somalis judged the ICM on its actions rather than its ideology. In towns which fell to the ICM, the youth of the town were organised into cadres to clean up the place and plant trees."
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