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from SLO county
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A Call to Arms

Hello troops, i am writing from the small village of Cambria. I am looking to mobilize a group to plant Perennials in urban areas all around California. We must transform these desolate landscapes in to edible oases, centers of Permaculture and testaments to an age of community and sustainability to come. At this time i am working on an organic farm which could easily become a base of operations; we have two large greenhouses, two outdoor gardens, a nursery and plenty of space for camping. I am eager to hear from anyone interested in helping here on the farm, expanding the organic operation and organizing a guerrilla planting troop to hit and run all over this great state.

please discuss and throw all your ideas this way. I believe that we desperately need a change in our culture and this is a great way to start. i look forward to hearing from all.