ARK - lisbon treaty guerilla Gardening!

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ARK - lisbon treaty guerilla Gardening!
« on: October 02, 2009, 02:17:04 PM »
Hi folks,

My name is Niall Walsh and am projects manager with a clothing called Acts of Random Kindness Limited - ARK for short. I'm contacting you guys in relation to an exciting project we're doing from Saturday onwards involving Guerilla Gardening and Lisbon Treaty posters, but first let me give you a very brief idea of what it is our company is here for.

The basic idea behind Ark is that every time you wear our clothing you perform one Act of Random Kindness. We here to show people that you make a difference in the world in fun, small ways, and aim to bring a bit of connection back to society. We then give our money away as Arks. All pretty simple really :)

Our first Ark? project that everyone can take part in at once is happening from this Saturday onwards. Simply take down those rather annoying Lisbon Treaty referendum posters, turn them into flower boxes, and then leave them in sorry looking areas to brighten up the place. You could also give one to that neighbour of yours who has a thing for Lisbon Treaty referendum poster flower boxes (LTRPFB..).

One of our mates tried it out a while back and it all looks pretty easy. There are step by step instructions on the link below for the DIY challenged among us. When you're done, upload them onto the Ark? facebook page so the rest of the movement can see your masterpiece!

Best LTRPFB wins a free tee from our upcoming range!

Great way to spend a couple of hours with your mates!

Any questions, give me a shout!


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That is the best  technology we have now for the sake of learning.