Tottenham Hale/ Seven Sisters - Markfield community garden by River lee

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Hi all,
Markfield Park, in Tottenham has had an infusion of lottery money and its been revamped. BUT the community garden there belonging to the Markfield project (working with disabled kids) has been left untouched. Rumours are that its run out of money.
Its a potentially amazing garden but now is overgrown and attracts rough sleepers and drinkers and is an eyesore.
Ive applied to the Markfield project to sort out volunteers to do something about the garden. Im waiting for a response. This is a project that will probably be best to start in the spring. Im just putting feelers out if anyone out there would be interested in turning around this potentially amazing spot.
(Ive had no response from them all summer)

Hi Cord,

I'm a recent member & live in the area - any further update?  I have some spare time on my hands at the moment so any projects would be welcome!



I am a new member to the Guerrilla Gardening community, and don't live far from tottenham and would love to help out!!!!!!

peace love n lots of funky stuff! :D