Why you do guerilla gardening and have you already changed something?

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Hello to all guerrilla gardeners!
Why you do guerilla gardening and, above all, have you already changed something? How does the society, the environment, the local authority district react? I am glad about numerous answers! :)
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Re: Why you do guerilla gardening and have you already changed something?
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i do guerilla gardening because i see where i live ass a mess the conical don't do enough to make the place look nice! I also see it as a respocibilaty and a way to speak my voice as a person of northern Ireland but im not yet old enough to vote to this is a way to get my point out! i so far have only been able to change people views and ideas! but for me i have made a basically free fell good!
the authority's have not found me yet so im fin LOL!
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Re: Why you do guerilla gardening and have you already changed something?
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I have always been a "gardener".  I grew up in the garden of my grandmom, she used to teach me techniques, do's and don'ts..This whole concept is really good. I am just new into this and I want to learn more. Btw, I have discovered an amazing site to get all our garden need. We can save so much if we will get home and garden coupons online. You can try and might see something useful there.



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Many reasons :) I love gardening and find it very soothing in a hectic life, but I do not have a garden of my own. Guerilla gardening is an easy and cheap way to bring a lil extra beauty into the lives of my fellow city dwellers without disrupting anything ... and it is also a way to help biodiversity ? most of the plants I spread around me are popular food for insects!



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I'm not really doing guerrilla gardening yet, but I am keen to get my local area tidy. I bug the local council with reports of flytipping. They have responded in various degrees. They have cleaned up one patch because they owned the land,  ;D but in other areas they don't seem to have any power to do anything.

I'd like to tidy up a patch near my home but to do so would be to trespass and possibly cause criminal damage. Council keep promising that they will act, but they haven't done nothing yet.

 :-\  I do it because i reallllllly enjoy it -----and i  get a kick out of it
       when i over hear people talking about ,who did that ,wow when did that happen. Im
       jummping up and down inside and in my head im SHOUTING me me me  ;D ;D
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it makes me really happy, and wow, does it change things.

i wrote about this in the other thread (questions), but i'll talk about it here too.

most of the places where i've done GGing, it has been places that are "low down." There is blight, not just neglect.

so, here we go--or sometimes just i go--and i start by removing trash. i am consistent and i remove trash each day or every other day, and within a week or two, i only need to remove trash about once a week.

then, things start to change in the space. i always start small, with one plant that will take beautiful root in the place. my first plant in the garden i'm working on now is a thornless heritage rambling rose. i have a large section of chain-link fence. it is rose planting season here (nz), and so i went ahead and established that bush. in three years, it should cover the chain link fence entirely.

so, i start with this small thing, and then build out as things become available. as it begins to build out, people begin to treat the space differently. there is change, a new blood flowing through the space. creativity takes root, and so does community pride.

it's lovely really. it isn't just the garden that grows.

Cities and residents just don't do enough to give back to nature and most people are taking everything on this planet for granted... as if everything on earth is intended for use and exploitation by humanity. We are losing the balance that makes our Earth work and I intend to do as much as I can to fix it up a little. I've only just begun guerilla gardening, finished my first installment today. Pictures are on my blog: ddtheadventurer.blogspot.com This movement is incredible! All of you are amazing.