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ecological freestate swomp
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swomp losely translates to smart caravan-living people living on beautifull places. It is a form of neighbourhiid action where we occupy city wasteland by starting to live on it with caravans. current swomp site became an experimental garden for ecological living.

So apart from making our neighbourhood a prettier one and do we effectively improve the neighbourhood where the counsel fails to, also we try to work on a more sustainable neighbourhood. We build lushus and edible gardens, as well we supply ourselves with solar energy and build an eco toilet.

It might seem very far-fetched to link our petty and relatively safe neighborhood struggle to those that are being fought on a daily basis to survive in less fortunate areas of the world, where people have lost their livers defending their livelyhood. But we do make a direct link between gg, and land occupying actions in general, by for example the zapatistas in chiapas, and indigenous movements in south america. While they struggle the big kapitalist corporations who are destroying their environment by gradually destroying the entire rainfores, by land exhausting and polluting mass-agriculture. Forcing people to grow commercial crops for slave-wages, which will not support them or their families.

All of this is mainly grown for our meat industry and more and more for our fuels. There is an alternative to all of this. If people everywhere go back to small scale local, and organic!, food production, people over there will be able to grow their own crops, and in stead of selling it for crazy prices, for which they have to buy (expensive) food again, just eating or contributing to a local economy.

The same goes for us, if in stead of producing milk and meat (of which over 90% is exported) in factory farms, growing our bulk food in our direct surroundings, our damage to local and global environment will be considerably less, also there wont be a need for robbing other countries from their recources to maintain our growth based economy.

So we will fight:
global warming
the exhaustion of natural recources
the exploiting of non-western countries
& the animal enslaving meat-industrie
all at the same time....

For more info check our website @
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