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Any fellow guerrilla gardeners in Phoenixville, or Chester County in general?   I've got one going out in the wastelands here.

A few years ago I was at a conference discussing plans for improving Phoenixville, including things like reopening the train station, and turning the wastelands into a park that connects with several adjacent parks/trails.  So far none of these things have happened.  As I understand it, several new possibilities are being looked at, such as turning the wastelands into condos or office complexes... Not something I want to see happen.  So instead of just waiting for a decision to be made, I thought maybe we as a community could take the initiative.

Right now it's just me.  I've got my little patch sectioned off with concrete blocks, since there's tons of them to go around.  There's a little sign in the middle that says "Hobo Garden."  I'm going with vegetables from seed, which all seem to be doing great so far.  I haven't tested the soil yet, but I will before I actually eat anything.  If the soil is safe, I'll add a sign that says "Free Vegetables"  =^_^=  I've got pumpkins, squash, peas, collards, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and some marigolds because I heard pests don't like them.  I'm working on making it more decorative, shouldn't be to hard with all the raw materials down there.

Anyway, there's just so much potential in the wastelands.  It's huge, the soil is great (and hopefully non-toxic), and a stream runs along it.  There's a ton of rubble and old factory rubbish, but I think there may be potential in that too.  Maybe reclaim it as materials to build some new structures, etc.  Obviously, this is the sort of thing a whole community would need to take part in, given the scope of the project.  I figured this would be the place to start looking for recruits.

I'm down there every other day or so, and nothing would please me more than to see someone else has started a garden in the area.  I'll post pics of mine when I find a camera to borrow.  Maybe then somebody could offer up some suggestions or improvements.

GG 2010
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please email me if you are interested in GG in Philly this year!

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Hi fellow GG in SE PA!  Please visit Eastern Pennsylvania Permaculture Guild's website:

We have hosted seedball (bomb) making workshops and many of our members are interested in/doing gg in the region

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