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There are some small plots along the sidewalk that are utterly untended and ignored, but would probably do best if I could mark them off somehow. I have a roll of low plastic edging, but once I run out of that, I don't really know what else to do (without buying more).
Does anyone have any tips for some makeshift fencing/edging? Just something to indicate "Don't walk here, there are plants"?

- E

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Dry sticks poked into the ground is the ultimate in low-budget solitions. Of course, depending on the size of the stick and how firmly you push it into the dirt (and the kind of dirt), it might not be a lasting solution, especially if there's a good chance of people taking shortcuts over it  :P

Another even less pretty option is finding some long brambles (like in the woods), and use that as a makeshift 'fence' simply by putting both ends into the dirt such that it makes a curved line with thorns. Kinda like brambles naturally do, but without the roots, and the stuff spreading everywhere ;)

A third option that might take some work if you even can even apply it, is finding some abandonned railroad track that's layed over gravel and larger rocks. Pick out the largest and flattest rocks, and make your fence with that. (Alternatively, just find a place with lots of long or flat rocks). Lot of work finding a spot to harvest them from, picking out suitable rocks, transporting them and putting them into place, but it could make a gorgeous solution if done well.

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Hi there!
I thought I'd make contact to tell you about freecycle.org which was started in Arizona several years ago and is now an international non-profit charity who's one and only aim is to stop good stuff going to landfill. If you go to the website and use the 'Find a branch near you' search engine type in your location and find your nearest branch and follow the links and register. You'll get a confirmation email just follow the instructions and go back to your local branch website where you can see in the messages links everything members in your location are offering or requesting. Everything on freecycle is absolutely free and legal. You can ask for anything from building bricks to an MP3 player absolutely free. I've been a moderator for freecycle Enfield UK for two years now and love my voluntary work helping to get the word out! freecycle.org is a bit like eBay or a giant online yard sale without the  money. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

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