Dublin free seeds on May 1st for International Day from Ruairi Holohan

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Dublin - International SUNFLOWER Guerrilla Gardening Day on Friday 1st May

Step 1 - Buy your sunflower seeds at your local gardening centre (or some people take a chance and plant the edible seeds available in supermarkets and health food shops, they have the husks removed but most times seem to grow)

Step 2 - Find a sunny place to plant your seeds where people will see the sunflowers when they bloom in July and August. Along a Bus route, Dart or Luas line, roadway or anywhere they will add colour to our daily lives.

Step 3 - Plant your seeds in sunny places in 2 cms of soil and then water your seeds.

Step 4 - Visit your seeds and water them. Remove any weeds. When they get bigger you may want to give it support - a bamboo stick to grow tall!

Step 5 - Bask in pride on your achievement when the sunflowers bloom in July and August.

I'll be giving out free seeds tomorrow (May 1st from 12.30pm) outside Blackrock Shopping and then meeting at the Dart station at 8pm if anyone wants to join me in planting sunflower seeds in the area

Best of Luck!

 Guerrilla Gardener Green Councillor Ruairi Holohan


For more details contact

Ruair? Holohan
086 6087416