New Squatted community Garden- Harringey- Green Lanes/Manor House

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there's a group of us in the Green Lanes/ Manor House area looking to start a new community garden on some squatted wasteground. We've found a few spots, one's a plum little area with fences and an open gate that seems to be the result of some oversight by some housing developers. It looks terribly sad at the moment, some knocked down fences, browning fly-tipped christmas trees etc, but it has a few lovely trees and is obviously looking for friends to spruce it up.

Basically this is an open invite for anyone, local or not, to get involved in the spot. We want to create a totally free area for ourselves (we've not got a garden) and the community to grow some veg, relax in the sun, converse with the flowers etc. But as we're all working and have a few other little projects on the go, we're also looking for help in the initial start-up! It's not a massive space, about 20x5 metres I reckon, but it's full of nettles at the moment so if we have a gang to clear the space, put in some beds, fix up the fence and build a bench it'd be done in no time.

If anyone's interested in lending a hand, or has any advice or support, or even better has green fingers, please get in touch and spread the message around! I'll cook up a curry soon and we can all meet and discuss what we fancy doing with the spot!

We've got a facebook group to help organise stuff, or I can drop you a line if that's easier. Just search 'Winstanley Community Garden'



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Count me in. I've sent you a message.

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Sunday 3rd May- 3pm

LimaZulu Project Space
Unit 3J
Omega Works
167 Hermitage Rd

To discuss peoples plans and ideas for a new squatted community garden in the Manor House area-
for more information/directions and a contact number please private message me, or search facebook for 'Winstanley Community Garden'.

Please pass this message to any local residents or fellow comrades who you think would like to know!

Many thanks,


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Would like to know how this is going.

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Hi Jo- this garden is proving a wonderful success even if it's changed forms a little- we found a space (abandoned wasteland) near the original site which a great guy had started clearing of knotweed. So we all teamed in on this plot. The site is on an incline so we've terraced it- it's currently about 30x80ft in total. It looks a dream, loads of veg going on.
However the access to this spot was over the roof of a small warehouse (only single story)- this wasn't a problem as it was deserted but someone has since moved in. To be honest due to other commitments I haven't been in the garden for a few weeks so I'm not entirely sure what the repercussions of this are.

But before this the garden was full of growth- mainly salad veg, potatoes, peas, herbs, carrots- all sorts really. We have also had plenty of barbecues and stuff. All very lovely.

Anyone still interested in getting involved or just looking round is welcome to get in touch.