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Hello :) I'm new and i was just wondering-how do i find out my troop number? I've bought the book and everyone in it seems to have one, but when i enlisted i didn't see it on my profile. Thanks for the help!



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E-mail Richard and ask for it.  :)

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Absolutely, I've been asked a few times today already. Requests come in little bursts.
Basically how it works is approximately chronologically. I download the enlisted data, weed out the duplicates and assign numbers. If an e-mail bounces from my occasional news letters they get removed, and if they never knew their troop number a newbie gets it instead... which is how a few people end up with numbers out of sequence. Just e-mail if you'd like to know your number. In the early days of running this website I posted out Troop Cards too, but after a while the cost to me of stamps and the time seemed a little silly, but I do hand them out if I remember when giving a talk.